08 August, 2011

The Fort Lalbagh

Forts - Lalbagh is an incomplete palace situated in the southwestern part of Dhaka, near Rever Buriganga. Lalbagh Fort made by Prince Muhammad Azam but he could not complete it. After his leaving Bangla his successor, Shaista Khan took the responsibility to complete this palace but did not complete the work. His (Shaista Khan ) daughter Pori Bibi died here.
Lalbagh Fort can be consigned as the sign and witness of the revolt native soldiers against the British during the Great Rebellion in 1857.
Lalbagh fort has three part
  • The Mosque,

  • The tomb of Pori Bibi

  • The Diwan-i-Aam

It is nice looking place to visit. The historical tomb of Pori Bibi is very nice looking. The Mosque has three -domed and a water tank. The water tank was situated on the eastern side for ablution. There is a museum which is the dwelling room of nawab shaista Khan. The Museum contains many historical things which were use by Nawab family and others. Those are weapons, coins, dress, jewelry and others. There is very beautiful walkway and garden. Really this historical Red Fort is very attractive. You are also invited to visit Lalbagh fort.

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