15 August, 2011

National zoo

National Zoo is situated at Mirpur in Dhaka city. It is the largest zoo in Bangladesh. This Zoo is also call Mirpur Zoo. The Zoo has many native and non native animals and birds.
The zoo established in 1974, extent with 186 acre. Every day a lot of visitors  come to visit here and  increased during the holiday.
The zoo is currently contains 2,150 animals and 191 species. It opens 10 am to 5 pm.
The zoo exhibits colorful and attractive animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, elephants, Zebras, Waterbucks, Otters, hyenas, Deer, Giraffes, Impala, Black bears, Tapirs, Hippos, Lions, many species of Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Baboons, crocodiles and others. More over the natural beauty of this place is so attractive

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