23 August, 2011

Village fair of Bangladesh

Village fair is an annual affair in Bangladesh and is a great event in the life of the villagers. It is generally held on the occasion of some religious festivals or some local important events. It is an occasion for show, sale of various goods and entertainments. It is held in some open place, either on the bank of river or in the yard of a temple. Some fair also sits in an open field under a big ancient tree. Or in the market place, or by the side of a big road.

A village fair is an occasion of great joy and excitement among the villagers. Village fair is a kind of exhibition in miniature of hand made things. The rural artisans and craftsmen make various useful articles which are brought to the fair and offered for sale. It thus acts like a market for cottage industries. Small traders come from far and near to sell their goods. They bring clothes of various kind, ready-made garments, cheap fancy goods, dolls, utensils, sweets and other things.
There are many forms of amusement in a village fair. Travelling jatra parties, Circus parties, magic shows, merry go rounds mockfights, jarigan (song) are additional attraction of a fair. Cinema parties also show picture to the people. But the largest crowd gathers around the place where jugglers show their feats. There are the dancing of dolls and feats of skill done on ropes and bamboos. Some of these are really wonderful.
A village fair is a much looked-for occasion for all. Everybody waits for this fair with hope and attends it with profound pleasure.

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