25 March, 2012


The music in Bangladesh can be divided into three distinct categories- Classical, folk and modern. The classical music, both vocal and instrumental is rooted in the remote past of the sub-continent. Ustad Alauddin Khan and Ustad Ayet Ali Khan are two names in classical instrumental music who are internationally known. Folk song, nurtured through the ages by village poets, rich in devotional mysticism and lovers is popular in Bangladesh. The best known forms are Bhatiali, Baul, Marfati, Murshidi, and Bhawaiya, Lalan, Hasan Raja, Abbasuddin and Abdul Alim are four great names in flok song. Modern Bengali song pioneered by Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam blended western and Middle Eastern traits with traditional from.
Contemporary patterns have more inclinations to west. Pop song and band groups are also coming up mainly in Dhaka city.

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