18 August, 2011

Ground zero Mosque (Star mosque)

Dhaka is the city of mosque in Bangladesh.There is many beautiful and historical mosques in Bangladesh. Star mosque is one of them. The mosque is familiar by name of Tara mosque. Star mosque is situated at armanitola area of old Dhaka. This mosque is well designed and decorated. There are many small and big blue stars in its wall. Honorable Mirza Gulam pir built this wonderful mosque in 19th century.
After time Ali Jan bepari, a local business man and social worker financed the renovation of the mosque and added a varandha in eastern side of star mosque. This addition made the mosque almost double in width. But this extension did not change its real design.
At the time of its construction it was three domed mosque. In 1987 three domed mosque was transformed in to five dome mosque. The ministry of religious affairs initiated to make additions to the prayer hall, which was extended to include two more domes.  After extension it has five arched entrances. The star mosque is beautifully preserved.  And even though additional and renovations of the mosque have been done. Most of original structure still stands. The star mosque is a great attraction in Dhaka city and the Islamic holy place.
Do not forget to a visit at star mosque whenever you want to visit Dhaka.

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